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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. photo finish. new pictures emerge of anthony weiner. this time, snapped in the congressional locker room as he begins e treatment at a secret location this morning. will he accept that his career is finished. miracle smile. the first pictures of gabby giffords revealed. new details overnight on her extraordinary battle to recover. who said mavs in six? lebron james' huge loss after his very public quest for a championship. slam dunked by the mavs, for their first-ever nba title. and the bachelorette, pippa middleton single again. is she now the most eligible woman in the world?
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you said mavs in six. >> offense sells tickets. defense wins championships. >> i'm going to call you, the oracle of times square. robin rockets.o call you, the also this morning a developing consumer story that you need to know about. a warningish shurd meant to keep bugs away. we'll have a live demonstration of how dangerous these could be. >> it's something that we all need to watch out for. also this morning -- take a look at this. drama unfolding outside the casey anthony courtroom. trying to get a seat at the
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trial. in some cases, fights breaking out. why her trial is seen as the hottest ticket in florida. but we start with the anthony weiner scandal. congressman announced saturday that he was taking a leave of absence to seek treatment. jon karl has the latest from capitol hill. as more and more comes out, it seems that the congressman has gone from anger and denial to acceptance. >> reporter: he's considering resigning. he avoids an uncomfortable return to capitol hill as he's taking a short leave of absence. here's something to really infur rate weiner colleagues. tmz received photos that he apparently shot in the gym. sent to at least one woman over the internet. this one is eerily of the photo
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that led to the resignation of chris lee. in new york, some of weiner's constituents is saying enough is enough. >> he's liar. >> reporter: as new york democrats reacted to the strange turn of events. >> this is just heartbreaking for me and the many friends of anthony. >> reporter: over the weekend nancy pelosi and other top democrats in washington called on weiner to resign. prompting him to seek treatment and take time away from washington to consider his option and i made some mistakes. i acknowledged it. i'm trying to make it up to my family and my wife. i want to get back to work for my constituents. >> reporter: top democrats have made it clear temporary leave of
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absence is not enough. >> he needs to resign so he can focus on his family. >> reporter: and remember this joke weiner told before the scandal hit -- >> who is boehner? >> reporter: during a commencement address, speaker of house john boehner. >> my name looks like boner, thank god i was not wiener. >> reporter: they can't force weiner to resign. they can make life nearly impossible for him. they can strip him of his committee assignments. >> and it may be that threat that tips him over to the decision to resign. once they petition for that, he'll be out of the caucus. >> yes, absolutely.
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now to the amazing new pictures of gabby giffords that came out over the weekend. the first time that we have seen her since she was shot, the pictures taken about a month ago, show her on the mend. bob woodruff joins us on her remarkable recovery. >> they're absolutely beautiful. these are actually taken about four weeks ago. their staffers told me that she looks better than she did then. the big question is, will she return to congress and run again? >> this is the first time we have seen her face since the shooting in tucson five months ago. her smile is the same. there behind her is her mother who has spent almost every day at her hospital bed. >> i think gabby derooifs a lot of strength from gloria who has been just a real rock.
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it's great to have that kind of support. >> reporter: the photos were taken by a professional photographer on may 17th, one day after she traveled to watch her husband launch into space. the pictures were take an few days before her important surgery to replace the bone on the left side of her skull. her chief of staff acknowledged this week that giffords is still struggling to communicate. her words are back more and more now, but she's still using facial expressions in way to express, pointing and gesturing. but when it comes to a bigger and more complex thought that requires words that's where she's had the trouble. by the end of this month, she'll be released from the hospital, she'll continue her rehab as an outpatient in houston, although it's unclear exactly where she will be living. the only time we have seen her
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walk, is this distant video of her getting on the airplane. now, she does have time to make her decision of returning to congress. if she wants to run for re-election. she'll have to submit her papers by may 2012. >> bob, you have been through a similar recovery process. what is she facing right now? >> she has huge frustration, over time, she gets those words back. at times, she has to act them out. she'll be back with her family. that's given her a chance to come back as well. her husband, mark kelly, is pretty much done with the shuttle projects. >> you went through something similar. >> one of things, with leaves
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on. tree, that's an easy word. >> i love seeing this picture. talking about family, i look at her mom as much as i do gabby. it's beautiful to have her family around her. >> all right, bob. >> just a radiant photo. so good to see. okay, we're going to turn to the economy right now. the week begins with anxiety on wall street, friday, the dow is now below 12,000 for the first time earlier this year. bianna has more. >> reporter: seven straight weeks would be a ten-year low that we have seen. number of factors, opec last week, failed to come to a resolution whether or not they will increase oil prices. and then you continue to talk about the jobs markets.
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54,000 jobs added. unemployment rate went up. >> high unemployment has been so stubborn right now. yet the fed chairman ben bernanke said that she's out of ammuniti ammunition. >> it's quantity that tif easing is what's called. he said all but certainly not to see an quantity that tif easing. >> white house advisers looking at new ways to pump money into the economy. larry summers calling for a new payroll cut. >> how do we cut the deficit? he's talking about short-term increases now in extending those payroll tax cuts. we're on the road to another loss decade here. now to the continued search
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for lauren spooer. new clues amend leads today after the story of her disappearance aired on "america's most wanted." bloomington police have a video of her in an alley, they won't say if she's alone or not in that tape. barbara pinto. >> reporter: days into the search of her missing daughter, lauren spierer's mother made an emotional plea. >> the first thing is to say that has lauren or that has harmed lauren, shame on you. shame on you. i beg you to come forward. >> reporter: lauren, a fashion student with a dangerous heart condition disappeared walking home from a night out partying with friends. massive search and $100,000 reward has turned up little. saturday, america's most wanted broadcast lauren's story, generating dozens of new tips. >> we were all very hopeful that there would be that one nugget
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of information that would lead us to lauren. >> reporter: police are looking at ten person of interests. among them, lauren's boyfriend and the friend she was out with that night, corey rossman. he can't remember what happened. lauren's anguished family cannot forget. >> lauren, i love you, with my heart and my soul. i am here for you 100%. i will never leave you. and i love you. i love you with all of my heart. >> reporter: a mother delivering a message to her daughter, missing now for 11 days. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. we'll continue to keep everybody up to date. now for some other developing stories. let's get over to josh elliott. good morning, josh. good morning to all of you. we'll begin today with two earthquakes shaking the city of
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christchurch, new zealand. the one aftershock, 6.0, sent two homes teetering on the edge of this cliff right here, crashing down on to the beach. meanwhile, one of the few buildings left standing downtown after february's devastating earthquake was also destroyed. dozens of people are injured. thus far, no fatalities have been reported crisis averted at sea. american warship reportedly faced off against a north korean ship suspected to missile technology to myanmar and forced the vessel to turn back. meanwhile, firefighterers in arizona making headway against that massive wildfire that's consumed some 700 square miles. they have contained roughly 10% of it, allowing 7,000 people back into their home. although the air quality is
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still too dangerous for young children and the elderly. and e street band saxophonist clarence clemons has suffered a stroke. he's said to be seriously ill today. just last month he performed with lady gaga on the "american idol" finale. finally, just as i thought, deep on the inside -- a bowl of crow with humble pie to boot. kudos to robin rockets wberts w it would happen. dallas mavericks are champions at long last, led by dirk nowitzki. 15-95. nowitzki, the league's first europe european-born mvp. mark cuban said that he'll foot
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the bill for the victory parade. for the final time, we can take the fall. look at who stands supreme. robin roberts. >> i think i beat you guys twice. what am i to say? you have been great sports. >> thanks a lot. >> mike and mike in the morning, mike golic and chris broussard, we talked about the importance about what happened last night. >> mike and chris, thanks for being with us this morning. the main story line here, mike, mavs winning their first title or big three losing their first title? >> i think nationally it's going to be the miami heat and the big three losing the title. that's been the talk all along and the reason it's been the talk all along, robin, because they started the talk.
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they're the ones that started it. the whole decision thing, lebron going there. the preseason parade, they all g started talking about a dynasty and a celebration before the season started. >> chris, lebron james ever recovered from the harsh criticism following the show, the decision, i'm taking my talents to south beach. it played out in the finals where it mattered most. >> he was big-time in the first three series in these playoffs. he looked great against boston. closed them out. was clutch. looked great against chicago. then he was a different player in these finals. he was strangely passive. even game one when he played really well. he didn't attack the basket like he did all throughout the season. >> let's end on a high note, shall we?
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mvp, dirk, he got it done, mike, he finally got it done. >> you have to feel good for someone like that who's waited so long and it was interesting, he made a point during the postgame presser about resigning with dallas and only wanting to do it there. maybe a jab there, who knows. you have to feel good for what they have gone through. getting this win. certainly for jason kidd as well, he's got to be 60 at this point now that he has a ring. it's all around dirk nowitzki and him staying in dallas and getting that win. >> they got the win. sam was not here when we made our anchor picks. >> you know i would have chosen whoever you chose, robin. these numbers are i do know. ten degrees cooler in boston. cool air is filtering around the great lakes to the northeast.
7:17 am
tallahassee at 98 that heat will stay in place for a good part of this week. we know that since wednesday, there's been that kind of june fwloom. much cooler air going all of the way to san diego.
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>> all of the america's weather for june 13th coming up in the next half-hour. >> thank you, sam. meet the man the last person on earth still searching for osama bin laden. he's setting out on a new mission to recover bin laden's remains and he hopes a reward. here's his story. >> reporter: the ultimate challenge of a lifetime for a treasure hunt with a thirst of
7:19 am
adventure. bill warren is plotting to find bin laden's remains in the north arabian sea. >> the most dangerous project. >> reporter: warren said that he's recovered 150 wrecks is plotting a two-week expedition. >> i want to prove one way or other, that he ee's in fact dea. after the united states proclaimed that bin laden was killed in this pakistani compound and that dna tests verified his identity. his body was placed in a weighted bag and placed in sea. >> if we're successful, and we find him with sonar and recover him with a remote-operated vehicle, we'll recover the body in the bag and take photographs, video and a dna test. >> reporter: how would you match his dna? >> i'm not sure. i know his family lives in
7:20 am
arabia. >> reporter: it's hard to tell if you're taking this seriously, or if this is just a joke. >> no, i'm very serious about it. >> reporter: with family from associates, warren said that this hunt could cost nearly $1 million. and money, it seems, is a big motivation. >> there is still a $25 million reward that no one has collected. >> reporter: except that reward is no longer being offered. when we explained that to warren, he insisted that he's going anyway. >> of course, the investors all bailed out. >> i'm with abbie, it's hard to tell. coming up -- another dramatic week in the casey anthony trial. the big drama that's playing out right outside the courtroom. the liquid lightning that's supposed to keep away the bugs. the consumer warning that you need to know.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 7:26. and look at sunrise in towson from west towson elementary school early clouds blowing out of here. we will get more clouds mixed in but a cool breeze and 61. nice and refreshing this morning. and temperatures will be held back from the northwesterly
7:27 am
wind and nice air and again more clouds could filther in during afternoon. sunny to partly cloudy and wind could gusts 10 to 20 miles per hour and 79 as the two degree guaranteed high. lows back in the 50s. low 50s north and west and you will hang near 60 by bay. and tomorrow hook for temperatures still -- looking for temperatures in the 70s. below normal this week and the best chance of showers thursday and try tonya. >> reporter: slowing down on -- tonya. >> reporter: slowing down on the northwest side. slowing down on 895. southbound has heavier traffic there as you can see. northbound is moving no problem whatsoever. we have a few incidents to tell you about traffic lights not work properly. dulaney valley road at jarrettsville park and 1 a 2montin -- 152 at mounten road. now here's the news with megan. good morning. maryland congressman elijah cummings is says the family is in shock and devastated after
7:28 am
his nephew was killed e was a junior at old dominion university and he he was studying criminal justice and is remembered an exceptional student with ambitious plans for the future. the shooting happened on friday during a robbery at an off campus apartment. 7:28 now. we will have more news and weather in about 20 minutes. 30 minutes and we show you stay with abc2 news and, of course, we will join you for "good morning maryland" at nine. now back to new york for "good morning america" have a great day. axwñ?ñ
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what is going on here? why people are shoving and pushing each other out of the way? it's to snag a seat at the murder trial of casey anthony down in orlando. the defense now calling for a mistrial. we heard about this over the weekend. >> it doesn't mean it's a closed question. this crowd, it's becoming an o.j. trial. an important consumer alert you need to see. these are very dangerous if you're not using them right. at least two big accidents here on long island. we'll have a live demonstration about what could go wrong. >> how about this woman? she won't be running short of
7:31 am
dates any time soon. pippa middleton, single. what's next for the world's most popular bachelorette? he was there in london. it could happen. >> that would be a story. >> that would be our lead story. but first the casey anthony trial. word through the weekend, grisly testimony as the prosecutors planned to lay out the testimony for week four. ashleigh banfield joins us. >> reporter: people are coming all over the u.s. from new york, to california, to chicago and denver. they're all turning out to see what more the prosecution has on casey anthony. in a gruesome turn, jurors heard for the first time that the body of 2-year-old caylee anthony may have kept in her mother's trunk for five days. >> three, four, five days in the trunk of that car with that
7:32 am
heat, would have certainly produced enough of the purged fluids. >> reporter: they heard that caylee's body was moved from the trunk and dumped in the woods shortly after she disappeared. >> i had no question that body was out there for many, many months. >> reporter: all of this based on the science of bugs associated with decomposition that were found both in casey's trunk and on caylee's remains. remains shown in court, along with what was left of caylee's tiny clothe, a tag reading toddler size 3-t. a debate led to outright laughter from the court. >> they were collected from the garbage bag. >> that says trash bag there. >> reporter: even usually stone-faced casey cracked a smile. the defense has maintained that caylee wasn't murdered but accidentally drowned.
7:33 am
>> even being put in a bag is a red flag for homicide and never seen an accidental death. >> reporter: but anthony's defense team shot back. >> you don't know if that duct tape had anything to do with the disposal or death? >> true. >> reporter: if the drama isn't enough inside, take outside. crowds rush for one of the 50 seats in the courtroom. lines forming as early as 1:00 a.m. all this to catch a glimpse of what some people call the trial of this century. and of course the judge himself even likened this to o.j. the trial of last century. japan had television cameras there on thursday. george, it's been remarkable the level of interest. i'm going to tell you, i thought i might tweet one or two things per hour on this trial, i have sent over 1,000 tweets since this trial began. >> there will be many more today.
7:34 am
let's bring in dan abrams right now, our legal analyst. let's start out with this media circus. any effect? >> it shouldn't. i remember when i covered the o.j. simpson case, outside there were long lines. the minute you got upstairs, it was quiet. no question that the defense attorney could later on say, look at the scene here, how could my client gotten a fair trial? >> over the last three weeks the prosecution laying out what it appears from the outside a pretty devastating case, now you're seeing the defense for at least the second time moving for a mistrial? >> that's right. this time, based on a video that the prosecutors introduced that showed little caylee and it transformed into the remains. it was intended to show that the duct tape was a murder weapon. it was a risky move, if the prosecutors keep pushing the
7:35 am
envelope, they are opening up the possibility that on an appeal, some other judges could say, you know what some of this shouldn't have been allowed in and ordering a new trial. there's no question that we're seeing prosecutors who are pushing the envelope. this is a video that they created. they're the ones that put her face and let it transformed into her remains. >> the only big hole so far in the prosecution's case, no official cause of death? >> that's right. that's why, as we talking about this weekend, it was so important, who talked about the cause of death, she didn't say, i can tell you the cause of death based on the body itself. i can tell you the cause of death based on everything else that was found with the body, the duct tape, where it was, et cetera. that's a real opening for the defense. but, because the defense said that george anthony did so much
7:36 am
of this, makes it harder. they have already said that it was george, again, i think, something that would have been an easier defense to pursue. >> let's get the weather with sam champion. quick pictures of d.c. when the storms moved through there. these storms have been pretty tough with us. here where these storms are rolling during the day today. keep an eye out for the strong winds through north platte through k.c. over the next two or three days, it's the northeast that stays cool. if you think that today is a little bit cloudy and damp, tomorrow it's even more so. quick look at the big board where the severe storms are in the middle and the big heat in
7:37 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by discover. >> thank you, sam. coming up, why the new product to keep bugs away may blow up in your face. an important consumer warning just ahead. i'm good about washing my face. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena naturals. removes 99% of dirt and toxins without dyes, parabens, or harsh sulfates. so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new from neutrogena naturals.
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we're back at 7:41s alarming warning abouter is mic pots. when used incorrectly, pots can explode. three people are in the hospital struggling to survive this morning. elisabeth leamy with this very important story. good morning, eli. >> reporter: good morning, robin. here's what they look like. these products have only been around since 2008. what you do, you take this gel fuel and pour it into the central cylinder and light it. we're going to show you live in
7:42 am
a moment what can go wrong. but first, some important background. >> my son is living with third-degree burns on his face and he might not live. >> reporter: this family was preparing to celebrate life, now they're trying to ward off death. her son michael was hoping set up his aunt's wedding celebration. >> we're all laughing and having a good time. it was really nice. and then, my nephew didn't know that the candle was lit and he poured some of the liquid in and it just exploded. and all i saw was a flash and my son went up in flames. >> reporter: michael's condition is now grave. his organs threatening to shut down. >> it looked like it was going to be a nice, little candle that would sit on a nice display.
7:43 am
we had no idea that we were buying a bomb. >> reporter: in michael's case and others, the fire seemed to be out and they added more fuel. and that closed an explosion that stuck to their body like napalm. they say it's a hazardous new product category. >> it's still basically a gasoline-based fuel that's starting a fire. >> reporter: the product that caused michael's accidents and two others, is the fire burner ceramic products. the company told the new york times, it asked its retailer bed, bath and beyond to stop the products. at a store in maryland, we saw the pots on the shelf. the danger of adding more fuel is printed on a piece of packaging that you throw you away. it now plans to put bigger,
7:44 am
better warnings on its products. >> we need to take it off the market. it is a lethal weapon. it really is. to me it's gasoline in a can. it's really dangerous. >> the consumer product safety commission has received several injury complaints and just launched an investigation into this entire category. we contacted napa home and garden and haven't heard back yet. speaking of safety, we're here at the prince george's county, maryland, fire department, they're here to show what could go on. they're going to mimic where they pour gel fuel that's still lit or still hot. i just heard a pop of a slight explosion there. certainly the flames shoot up. it's dangerous. if you're near that, and there's that t-shirt representing a person, let's see how quickly
7:45 am
that goes up in flames. that really is troubling. that's a large flame, compared to a candle, for example. you don't expect it to be something to hurt you like that. we're looking now, the very corner of that t-shirt is catching on fire. the wind has blown it out to some degree. but, basically, we saw earlier as we practiced, that this could be terribly dangerous and people do need to know about the potential hazard, robin. >> good information there. than thanks. coming up -- the beauty queen accused of partying too much. is miss usa messing up the pageant pageant's. rima fakih will join us live. why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall
7:46 am
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around the water cooler this morning, six years old out of minneapolis, rode his bike for the first time and his reaction went viral. take a look. >> if you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike. if you don't, you just keep practicing. you'll get the hang of it, i know it. >> millions of hits on youtube. he came on "good morning america" a about a week after it. he had a good time. he's one active little boy. >> he was running around. >> but, now, the original video has been songifi deshgs, that has gone viral as well. ♪ give me a thumbs up, everybody ♪ ♪ thumbs up, everybody ♪ you will get a hang of it, i
7:51 am
know it ♪ ♪ you will get a hang of it, i know it ♪ >> i justen want to tell our viewers, all of us are like, totally rocking to the beat. >> watching owen watch the songified video would be fun. >> good for you, owen. >> you will get the hang of it. >> i know it. intelligencebreathing that's helping people rethink how they live. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. ♪ we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. check out the temperatures this morning. still low to mid-60s 50s north and west and we have the flow out of the northwest where clouds in central pa and mountains may filter in by later this morning and afternoon. nice and pleasant and not stormy. i think that's the most important thing to talk about. going in through tomorrow, more clouds and a band of showers back to the front coming out of eastern pa. may clip northern sections of maryland baltimore harford andcecil county and kent county the best chance of showers tomorrow late afternoon and evening. otherwise we have a very quiet
7:57 am
week with temperatures remaining below normal. today, 79 the two degree guaranteed high with wind out of the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. movement of us 50s overnight. low 50s north and west near 60 by the bay and we are looking for temperatures about 77 again small chance of an evening shower tonya how about track. >> reporter: an accident reported in towson at goucher boulevard at put -- putty hill. stop and go traffic top side between harford and providence and reisterstown road and frederick road. this is the jfx from west 41st street the southbound traffic heavier to the right. but no major problems to report. it is moving. we do have an accident reported in joppa 15 # at green spring mountain road. traffic lights not work properly dulaney valley at jarrettsville park. treat that as a four-way stop. and remember it goes counter close wise. other than that, we are doing pretty well. the earlier accident at holabird and duck dawn has been
7:58 am
cleared out. we are going to return you to new york for "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] no question about it, beyonce, she's going to be here july 1st. this woman right here, pippa middleton, she's the sister of princess catherine, made such a splash at the royal wedding. making another splash over the weekend, breaking up her investment banker boyfriend, could be the most eligible bachelorette in the world. >> could be? safe to say that she is. that hot index, whoo. plus with anthony weiner headed to rehab, we're turning to the experts to talk about sex and addiction.
8:01 am
some people just don't believe it. we'll get into it. >> our lara spencer is here because -- we got a beauty queen in trouble. >> we're talking about that. is she really in trouble? accused of partying too hard, to keep all of her miss usa duties. is she tarnishing the page ant's image. but first, josh with the rest of the morning's news. >> i do worry about the use of party as a verb. but we're begin with those calls for anthony weiner to resign, as new embarrassing pho photos. surfaced. weiner is said to be taking a short leave of absence to seek treatment. two strong aftershocks jolted christchurch, new zealand. one of the few buildings left
8:02 am
standing downtown was toppled this morning, dozens of people were reported injured. though no fatalities thus far have been reported. more fallout this morning for actor and comedian tracy morgan after his statement that he would attack his son if he were gay. some of his colleagues aren't satisfied with his apology. >> reporter: we're used to tracy morgan as the brash comedian on saturday night live and 30 rock. after morgan's anti-gay rant, very few are laughing. >> he talked about his son not coming home and telling him that his son was gay. >> he attended morgan's show june 3rd and then spread the word through facebook. the comedian has apologized. saying quote, i'm not a hateful
8:03 am
person. gay rights groups have blasted morgan and his co-star tina fey said that he's generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person. this is not the first time that morgan's act has sparked anger in the gay's community. in 2006, former seinfeld star michael richardson was in trouble for reportedly hurling the "n" word. >> some breaking news, we're just get right now from overseas, we're hearing that the motorcade of jordan's king abdullah has been attacked this morning in amman. we're told that the king was seriously hurt. we'll have more information as it becomes available. and now, here's our diane sawyer
8:04 am
with a preview of tonight's "world news." tieian? good morning to you, josh, hope you had a great weekend. tonight on "world news" -- help is on the way for people who have trouble getting to sleep and more than 4 in 10 of us do. the very latest on what is working, help getting to sleep. josh, see you then. >> thank you, diane. meanwhile, a warrior in the battle in cancer has died, an accomplished hollywood producer, after being diced with breast cancer, she helped to create standup to cancer which has raised millions to get new treatments from the lab to the patient in record time. lauren, a pioneer was 61 years old. finally a remarkable follow-up to a story that we had for you last week about a degree from japan's tsunami, we showed you one photo in particular with a man smiling at a girl, well,
8:05 am
it turns out that girl's mom saw it, it turned out that they both survived the disaster. the photo has been returned to the family. they lost all of their family albums. you can imagine how thrilled they are to get it back. robin and george. >> unbelievable. you had the pleasure with working with lauren. such grace and beauty and will be terribly miss sfld a remarkable woman professionally. >> i worked with her in stand up to cancer. i'll let you toss it to sam. >> do you have some good news for us? >> this is great. twitter was very quiet this morning. so, i didn't expect this. look at this crowd in times square. we got the ladies from minnesota this morning. good morning. and an anniversary.
8:06 am
tell me your name. >> kay. >> weldon. >> you two have known each or for how long. >> well, at least 42 years. 52 years. >> do you remember the day that you met her? >> yes, i do. >> do you remember the day that you met him? >> i think. >> 12 years old. >> congratulations. amazing. let's get to the boards. we got some twitter pictures. we're showing you the dust from the fires around el paso, texas and the arizona fires. we got it all covered. quick look at the boards will show you where the storms are rolling today. that's
8:07 am
>> george? >> thank you, sam. the woman that the british tabloids are calling the royal hotness. pippa middleton is newly single. she and her sister stealing the spotlight again from the rest of the royal family over this weekend. joining us is katie nicholl, our royal correspondent. >> you're right. all eyes were on kate this weekend. growing number of royal watchers who are now known as copy kate. the royals were out in force this weekend. their biggest turnout since the wedding. the family celebrated the queen's official birthday with
8:08 am
the traditional trooping the color. where william debut on horseback and once again, kate stole the show from the buckingham palace balcony. on sunday, a rain-soaked polo match couldn't dampen the commitment to their favorite charity. >> he loves the kids. >> reporter: william gave a hint about what we might see in l.a. when he and kate arrived. he reminded that there's a new player among the new windsors. >> we hope to our use philanthropny as a catalyst for change. >> reporter: the duchess of dazzle, as the royal family's number one draw. for years, william and harry couldn't hide from the public spotlight. but this weekend, all eyes were on kate, who stepped out with her reportedly newly single
8:09 am
sister at a friend's wedding. since her engagement, the public and paparazzi can't get enough of her. >> she is sing handedly breathing new life into elegance. >> reporter: whenever she goes, she steals the show. the kate glam cam is everywhere. she's the new style icon. her engagement dress sold out. the trench should out. the dress she wore with the obamas, the designer's computer crashed. >> katie joins us right now. first, this news about pippa middleton, what's going on over there? >> well, you remember just before the wedding we were hearing rumors that she was about to get engaged with alex loudon. apparently it's all over. she's been spotted with her old flat mate george percy who has a
8:10 am
huge fortune, $350 million that one day he is going to inherit. >> she's been spotted in public with him? >> yes, they have been spotted together. they're working with each other. no confirmation from the palace that she's split from alex loudon or she's together with george percy. if they're together and they stay together, well, it means that pippa could become a duchess just like her sister. >> the royal family gets a little bit bigger. talk about copy kates. are we seeing any kind of an evolution in her sense of style that you can detect? you have been following her for so long? >> i think she's stayed with a high and trusted. she showed that she's thrifty, she recycles what she wears. she's great and good at it.
8:11 am
>> you had a little teaser in your column on sunday, about kate made a point of spending time with the children of her royal relatives. any clus there? >> well, absolutely, she's certainly very -- she seems connect immediately with children. i was at the ark dinner, celebrities were lining up to meet her, but she wanted to meet the kids. >> katie nicholl, thank you very much. the morning menu. here's what eye aes head -- the beauty queen accused of excessive exuberance. protecting your home from dangerous products. an exclusive look at where the testing is done for your safety. we can't wait for betty white, who knows what she's
8:12 am
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gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time. and introducing beggin' thick cut. [ hero dog ] i'm gonna need a bigger mouth! the weekend news that congressman anthony weiner is taking a leave of absence from congress to seek treatment follows a familiar pattern for public figures caught up in a sex scandal, it's set off a new round of debate over sexual addiction. cha claire shipman takes a look.
8:17 am
>> i made some mistakes. i acknowledged it. >> reporter: one way, he said that he hopes to start making things right by seeking professional help. he's following in some well-known foot steps those of actor david duchovy and tiger woods. >> i'm trying to as hard as i can possibly can to get my life better and stronger. >> reporter: sex addiction, is it real? broad debate about whether it's a problem of self-control or an actual addiction? >> we're talking about individuals w individual where sex controls their lives. >> reporter: an estimated 14 million americans claim to have sex addiction. 1 in every 17 adults. most of them are men. the few willing to talk about it are women >> i realized something that was
8:18 am
more than just early promise cuety could stop. >> reporter: she sought help at treatment centers, which involves therapy and even a 12-step program >> i had an affair, actually had two affairs. and i hid them very well. my husband had no idea. >> reporter: and there has become the information superhighway of temptation. >> it allows for early access, affordable access. the internet has caused a huge boom in our business, unfortunately. it's the crack cocaine of sex addiction. >> reporter: for some the lack of judgment is so breathtaking, keeping a mistress in your home, pursuing an intern in your office. is there something more to it? one offender suggests, ego and
8:19 am
power. >> i think i did something for the worst possible reason, just because i could. >> reporter: now, it hasn't been formally classified as a mental disorder. lot of therapists think in the extreme cases, brain chemistry could be involved. those people could benefit from medication. >> claire shipman, thanks very much. let's get more from dr. laura berman. laura, thanks for coming in this morning. where do you draw the line between very bad habit and disease? >> you know, it's a hard line to draw. we obviously to know more about anthony weiner's case. we know that he's checked into treatment. he's not proclaimed that he's a sex addict. you're right. it's become something that's thrown around to make yourself less vulnerable and less to
8:20 am
blame. i'm not just a serial cheater. i'm ill here. so, it's not to say that sex addiction doesn't exist -- >> you think it does? >> i think in some cases it does but not nearly to the degree in which it's being proclaimed or diagnosed. people who are sex addicted are not in the driver's seat. they are completely out of control. they're engaging in extremely high-risk behaviors, putting them at physical or legal risks. they're not able to stop themselves. >> how do you treat it? >> well, even in those cases, a 12-step program isn't necessarily the best plan or the plan that's going to work best. it's really about figuring out what void inside you the sex or the sex acting out. this is a case with weiner, a
8:21 am
lot of low self-esteem, low sense of self-worth, ego, needing that constant feedback. he was interacting with women knowing saying, am i really attractive? do you find me sexy? he needed that feedback all day long. >> it's easy to get it with this easy access over the internet? >> yeah, the internet has completely changed the landscape not only of sex and sexual access but also of cheating. couples need to talk about internet etiquette. >> doctor, thank you very much. robin? >> people remember miss usa who kicked off her reign under a cloud of controversy when photos of her pole dancing surfaced. we'll talk to rima fakih. but first, here's more on her story.
8:22 am
>> miss usa 2010 is michigan! rima fakih. >> 25-year-old rima fakih broke down barriers when she was crowned the first-ever muslim miss usa. racy photos emerged of fakih pole dancing in 2007. pageant officials investigated and let her keep her crown. but she's come under fire. late-night partying. at the urging of officials, she spoke to tara conner who was put under the microscope after rumors of drug and alcohol abuse surfaced. >> no way did i think it would be possible for a second chance to be given to me. >> reporter: conner, was forgiven by pageant owner donald trump. after cleaning up her act, rima
8:23 am
fakih slipped again, surveillance videos show her returning home at 4:00 a.m. and miss usa rima fakih joins us live this morning from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> you had one more week to go. sunday you'll have to relinquish your crown. it has been a challenging year for you. do you believe things got a little bit out of control? >> yeah, i have to admit i have had a few hiccups in my year and at times, i have learned my lessons. i think i have grown so much this year. i'm proud to give up the crown june 19th and i still have the crown. >> you said that because of getting closer to the end, maybe you have been a little bit more relaxed than you would have been normally? >> well, you know what i think so, i think coming closer to the end of my reigm, you have to look at beginning of my reign,
8:24 am
the attacks and controversies that i wasn't prepare for, then you had the racy photos, just a pole dancing class that was portrayed as something else, then, you know, people didn't like the fact that i was on wwe reality show. i think everything has come down since then. >> that's a lot. but you know, you bring up some excellent point, the photos from the pole dancing, it wasn't a contest. in 2007, before you were crowned, do you think it's fair to bring up what happened four years before you became miss usa? >> i think because of the image that miss usa should present, lot of people are going to take a piece of your success or look into your background to see if you should be miss usa.
8:25 am
unfortunately, those pictures were taken into something that they weren't. let's say i was what they said i was going to be, then there would have been an issue. the organization looked into the fact that it was just a pole dancing class in the morning and it was something innocent. >> rima, let me ask you something, a debate with our crew again this morning, when i was tracking the set-up piece, you stayed up until 4:00 a.m. crews, okay, she's 25, she stayed out until 4:00 a.m. other said, 4:00 a.m., miss usa. >> i would like to clarify something. you have beauty pageants. then you have the miss universe organization and the miss usa. miss usa is just a real woman.
8:26 am
she's a real human being, who has her own opinion, an adult who can make some mature decisions. you're right, staying out late, if you have work the next day, you should be responsible. i wasn't doing anything illegal. >> you have learned a lot. you have one more week to go. you got up, you joined us live this morning, very early in las vegas. thank you for being with us. >> i made it. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> all the best going forward. should it be different now when you look at pageants? miss usa coming up next -- hide sam, hide george and hide josh, because betty white is live in our studio.
8:27 am
from now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast srt fied most accurate by by weatherate. temperatures holding flute mid-60s. 66 easton and 6 # in baltimore and out of the 50s to 1 in york -- 60 in the baltimore and out of the 50s in york,p.a.a news pleasant day. humidity and temperatures five below normal for some of you. we will aim for 79 as the two degree guaranteed high. some south of baltimore hit 80s and staying in the 70s. widespread west and north. wind out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour and -- 50es overnight. >> reporter: inner loop at holland ferry and object on the rolled that -- road chai cleared-- that cleared out.
8:28 am
859 south of the o'donnell southbound to the right is slowing there. we had a report of an object on the road 50 westbound at bay bridge blocking the right lane now clear. car fire reported 95 southbound at the fort ming henry tunnel. both lanes -- fort mchenry tunnel. you are forced to bore one. heavy days here northbound the left -- delays here northbound the left tube is closed. congressman elijah cummings and his family are devastated over the shooting death of a family member. christopher copings was a junior -- cummings was a junior at old dominion. he was shot and killed and his roommate shot and killed. friend gathered during the weekend for a candlelight vigil. a man is struck by lightning as the storms rolled through. witnesses say he end up being thrown from his shoes. the lightning strike was so significant he was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. back to new york for more
8:29 am
of "good morning america" and back for eye good morning -- and back for "good morning maryland" at nine.
8:30 am
♪ i believe in miracles trying to figure out what this song -- all because of betty white. live right here in times square. with us this morning. you never know what she's going to say. we got her in the hot seat. going to take your questions in just a few minutes. i'm sorry, betty. i'm the one doing the interview. i don't trust you with the guys. i'm doing the interview with you this time. >> we also have another important warning from washington this morning about keeping your kids safe from poisonous toys. a look inside where toys get tested. before they reach your kids. we're going to take a look.
8:31 am
>> great. on a lighter note, a cool new tv show, think twilight meets buffy the vampire slayer meets one day at a time. we're going to talk to one of the stars of the nine lives of chloe king. >> and of course, as a dad, sunday, one of our favorite days of the year, father's day. we want to know about the lessons that you learned from your dads. upload it to gma. >> i love that silhouette. time now for a father for every man and woman, it's sam champion and he's got the weather. >> this is an amazing audience down here this morning. i can't believe it. maybe cloudy. you wanted to say something about the mavs sh, right? >> way to go, mavs! all right, let's get to the boards. as you head out to door, if you're not watching wff, it's
8:32 am
going to be hot. two days s on the eastern edge that big dry area from all of the way into western texas, a very severe drought. new york city, boston, d.c., cooler air. a little bit of clouds. might get sloppy mess in these areas with a little bit of cool, moist damp air during the day tomorrow. it's d >> we're live in times square. george? >> thank you, sam. back to washington now, and what should be an important
8:33 am
breakthrough for protecting what children and consumers. the test lab for the consumer product safety commission, dozens of lead-tainted toys poured into the country few years ago. new a new center is opening, elisabeth leamy with an exclusive first look inside. >> reporter: new facility has 2 1/2-times more space. for the first time, brings all of the cpsc engineers under one roof where they can collaborate. this dangerous baby walker that can tumble downstairs will never show up at a store near you. they were able to intercept near one of the ports. because the cpsc lab gives them the ability to act fast. the agency used to test products
8:34 am
in this converted in this 1950's missile defense site. >> this is totally inadequate. >> when it rained, it leaked. one of our scientists said it didn't help morale when the rain came in on your experiment. >> reporter: now they don't have to wait for a mane machine to test for lead. >> in less than 30 seconds, we can get idea of whether it has lead or not. >> reporter: it shows how much lead is in a product. >> unfortunately, it was kind of relegated to a small closet due to the fact that we had such little space. >> reporter: fireworks are supposed to have a safety fuse so you can get away before they get off. we learned first hand how dangerous that is.
8:35 am
an occupational hazard for you? >> yes. >> very much so. >> reporter: when and how a product broke, they can look at the damage under this microscope that magnifies it 200 times. they showed me using a penny. >> i put things more into focus. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can see there's actually a figure of what we can assume to be abraham lincoln. >> reporter: sometimes the cpsc actually sets things on fire. we're going to set this chair on fire? >> we're doing that here because at our old lab, we didn't have facilities to do open-flame tests. >> ready? set, go. >> reporter: and in this case, it seemed fitting. because the chair we're watching
8:36 am
go up in flames is from the old cpsc lab. and, with this new facility, the cpsc is strongly focused on now setting safety standards in the first place, keeping bad products off the market all together and avoiding recalls. >> recalls are essential, not always that effective. >> that's right. a typical recall only gets 15% to 30% of the problem products out of the people's homes. you want to do preemptive act n actions instead. when we come back -- betty white, she's here, she joins us
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
and we love betty white. she stars as the feisty elka in
8:40 am
"hot in cleveland," already the third season. it premiers wednesday night. she's here to tell us about that and other hot things going on in your hot life. >> it's been a hot life here for the last week, i understand. >> oh, yeah. it was sizzling hot here. there was a more on this on over the weekend, all of the episodes of "hot in cleveland." you have a fantastic time with one another. >> we adore with each other. those girls are marvelous to work with. they're pros. everybody shows up on time, they know their lines. it's just wonderful. >> they're going to be here later this week. >> oh, are they? give them all my live. >> tell us, elka, on the lam, what can we expect from your character this season. >> all kinds of things. we do an episode in the amish
8:41 am
country which was interesting. it's hard to get laughs. but we got them. and, so that's -- that's one thing coming up. john mahoney is coming up in an episode and carl reiner and don rickles is coming up. we're just having a marvelous time. >> you name dropper you -- >> i know what's good for you. >> yes, you do. let's play a clip. "hot in cleveland." to give people an idea of what they can expect in the new season. >> okay. >> here it is. >> you shouldn't be in prison. you're like a million years old. >> you have two people who can stand you. you won't find that anywhere else. >> i'm trying to help you, you is to be born old frump talk. >> i'm trying to help you --
8:42 am
>> i love valerie's expression. there's one episode this weekend that i saw where you had the hot for robert redford. and so through the whole show, you're trying to find him. anybody else leading man that you would like to have on the program. you mentioned a few already. >> i would like to have john back. steve lawrence, i would like to have him back. and george clooney, we wouldn't turn down. we'll make due with almost anybody. >> tom selleck, perhaps? >> oh, yes, tom selleck. oh, yes. i won't even try to get him to shave his mustache. >> you're so busy. we recently both have something in common, both joined aarp.
8:43 am
you're doing commercials for aarp. >> i haven't seen them. i'll be 90 in january. you're a little ahead of me. >> you haven't seen these commercials. they're hysterical. we're going to play one. >> joining aarp doesn't make you old. i'm a member and i still live life to the fullest. missed a spot. oops. missed another spot. >> your expressions are absolutely -- i did not trust with you george, josh and sam and the guys of "gma." the last time you were here, you were hitting on george and you were getting flustered. hey, we're going to do something
8:44 am
we call the hot seat. we'll ask you the first thing that comes to your mind when i ask you a certain question. the music and the lights. oh, my gosh. betty white, you're on the hot seat. name one thing in your purse right now. >> my wallet. >> that's all you got, your wallet? >> yeah. and my lipstick and my car keys. >> we did say one thing. george clooney or brad pitt. >> george clooney. >> if you ever got a tattoo, what would it be? >> i wouldn't have a tattoo. i hate tattoos with a passion. >> all right. we know you play poker. look in the cameraened give us your best poker face. >> wow.
8:45 am
you just gave it away with that one. what is your favorite karaoke song? it's in the repertory right now. >> what is your biggest pet peeve? what drives betty white crazy. >> bad driving. >> name your hidden talent that would surprise us. keep it clean it's a morning show. >> okay, i'll try to think of something else. >> is that always on your mind, betty? >> yes. >> always, whether you're in the hot seat or not. >> yes. >> you're an absolute doll. you win, you passed the hot seat. ladies and gentlemen, betty white. we adore you. we thank you. >> i have been here like five minutes ago, you can't get rid of me. great to see you.
8:46 am
>> we're going to put you on the payroll, not that you need another job. you got enough of them. "hot in cleveland" premieres wednesday night on tvland. [ female announcer ] you do so much... to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice. an easy way to defend your health everyday. learn more about prebiotics and get a free sample at
8:47 am
8:48 am
so, do you remember what you wished for on your 16th birthday? your first kiss or maybe some superpowers? why not? in the new tv series the nine lives of chloe king, the teenage title character gets pret much all the above. amy pietz plays the mom of this
8:49 am
complicated teen. it sounds really exciting for the teen audience. it's a thriller. >> it is. there are amazing stunts and action sequence sequences. at the heart of the show is the mother/daughter relationship. it's got snappy dialogue. it's real women. our producers created a great role for me to play. and i get to work with the beautiful and extremely brilliant skylar samuels. it's a great job. >> so, your daughter, chloe on the show, has superpowers, she's half-cat, what is the story? >> every time i say half-cat, she corrects me. >> she has nine lives. maybe loses some of them. what is the backstory? >> the backstory is that i and my husband on the show, who has yet to appear because he's
8:50 am
disappeared. >> which is a clue, everybody. >> dark and mysterious. adopted her in crukraine. i keep those secrets from her. and she keeps the secret from me that she has these newly discovered powers. >> where will glimpses of it in the early episodes? >> she doesn't actually sport a tail. but we'll see amazing stunts, some of which are done by the actors themselves. every time i get a new episode and reach an act break, there is something that usually makes me go -- >> i remember you from caroline in the city. you're a terrific actress. this is abc family. they're doing a show that has this dialogue that you described.
8:51 am
i want to show a clip. in this clip, your daughter is asking about her biological parents, correct? >> correct. >> okay, let's take a look. >> chloe? >> do you know anything about my birth parents? >> chloe, you're not going to cut me a break, are you? >> you're not a real mom moment, i'm just curious, i swear. >> you already know everything that i know which is pretty much nothing. >> no papers or records? >> things were chaotic. ukraine was a new country. your dad was working over there when he saw you in an orphanage and fell in love. >> drama. and this is something that in real life, you can relate to, correct? >> yes, i am adopted and i'm also a birth mom. >> tell me first, your desire, you had a similar conversation with your adopted parents as we just saw your daughter on the show?
8:52 am
>> that was a life long conversation. where did that come from? i was able to get the answer to that about 15 years ago when i met both my birth parents. i have a strong relationship now with my birth mom. it turns out, we're like twins. it's been incredible journey. recently this year, connectsed with my birth son, which is this amazing guy. >> was that difficult, the decision to reconnect with him and we were talking earlier about obviously, the decision cannot be easy to give up a child? >> no, it isn't. it was certainly one of the most difficult things that i ever experienced, but it was the right thing. and he was raised by amazing people. who i can consider my friends. and he turned out exactly, you know, perfectly. it all worked out really well. i'm really glad to now be able
8:53 am
to form a relationship with him. >> the circle is complete. i want to tell our viewers, you're married and it's a junior high school sweetheart and you met him on facebook. >> we reconnected on facebook after 26 years. he's from my hometown in oak creek, wisconsin. we have been married a little over a year. i'm a new step mom. >> we're excited about the show. it's called nine lives of chloe king.
8:54 am
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remember that thanks for watching. watch "world news" with diane sawyer tonight. so long. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. minutes awhich from "good morning -- away from "good
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morning maryland "o it's absolutely -- maryland." it's absolutely beautiful. fallston high 65 degrees. wind gusts to 208. and we have brisk winds out there. and the brisk winds are holding temperatures in check. 61 across the mason dixon line. hereford and heckry 63 degrees sparrows point and joppa to 65. and down by edgewater warming temperatures on the eastern shore. on the 13th of june. 60 in the morning to 82 in the afternoon. records as low as 51. give you an idea of the bench mark approaching with some places on the overnight temperatures tonight and tomorrow. and then 97, not close to the records we were resetting last week. we have got high pressure in control. got more clouds back in the mountains and there may be some streaming through by lunchtime into the afternoon. and we are looking at the the
8:58 am
future radar highlighting a band of showers coming out from new york state. flies across the poconos. by tomorrow philadelphia and harrisburg and state col leg get it. this slide in the direction and fades away but looks like it clips northeastern maryland. baltimore kent yount can i and cecil and delaware could get wet tomorrow evening and it falls apart. basically an influence of an eastern wind that may hold temperatures down. either way we are below normal temperatures today. 79. and a partly cloudy sky and a cool breeze out of the north at 102020 miles per hour. going about 58 low 50s north and west and near 60 by the bay. week chet -- we will check out the rest of the forecast and much more on "good morning maryland" at nine 90 second away.
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